Hi, fellow Internet marketers, my name is Kurt Bai, I’m a 35 year-old dude living in Beijing, China.

I love animals, Rock music, Budweiser, and of course Internet marketing. I’ve been making a steady part time earning on the web for almost 10 years.

My whole Internet marketing story started in 2005 during the time I was studying (Media Management) in the UK (Scotland and London). I stumbled upon eBay when buying a guitar online and later I saw people were selling digitized guitar tutorials. I did a little research, signed up for a couple of Internet marketing newsletters, and soon enough I was bombarded with promos from Clickbank merchants. I was amazed by how people were making money (and loads of it) from selling “digits”. A whole new world has been opened up in front of my eyes, and I couldn’t help trying to be a part of it!

Because of my love for eBay, I started to sell physical products such as Abercrombie & Fitch tees. I was also making nice money drop-shipping and wholesaling designer brand apparels. I managed to cover all my living expenses in the UK selling wholesale on eBay, working part-time in my bedroom. Later on, I also had success selling a PDF tutorial on how to make light sabers from Star Wars! That indeed was a great niche!

Unfortunately after I came back to China, I could no longer use my eBay account. I then started taken different routes and tried new techniques. Most my online income during that time came from Adsense™ (from a Beijing travel blog) and affiliate marketing (mostly from a drop-shipping program that I promoted).

Everything on earth is changing fast each day, it is more true in Internet marketing. Keeping up with the latest trend in SEO and especially the big G’s algorithm changes (yeah, tell me about that) is becoming tedious. At some point I couldn’t feel the excitement and fun that I had when I first started. I have to learn new things almost everyday, try out different strategies, and being buried under more and more so called ultimate solutions, secret tricks, underground guru secrets that kind of fluff. I suffered severe information overload. It’s like getting closer and closer to having a 9-5 job with a boss breathing on my neck…

Until one day I opened an email that I have filtered from a pile of promos, which was from a famous marketer that I have long admired. I had lots of fun reading it and the knowledge he shared struck me like lightning. That email helped me wake up, yes, literally. I started to calm myself down and concentrate on working on the projects that were on my mind for a long time. And guess what, the fun is coming back gradually and making money online became enjoyable again despite all the increasing competition and fast-changing environment.

All in all, it boils down to my mentality. It’s utterly important not being carried away by the flood of useless and repetitive information floating on the web and all the pressure that changes have brought. You know, they don’t exist, if your mind does not allow them to exist. That mentality empowers me to focus on my own strategies, my own methods, and my own money-making fun! I was like a solemn grown-up who stumbled upon his childhood treasure box. I mean I am a grown-up, but hopefully I will never be solemn. 🙂

In this blog I will share what I have learned during the years, stuff that works for me and I believe will also work for you, stuff that actually makes you happy doing. Hopefully, in a fun way.

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Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question and feel free to share your fun by getting involved!

OK, that’s enough about me now, time to make some money and have some fun! 🙂