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My InstaDominate Review with Real Results & A FAT Discount

Following my last post about traffic generation from Instagram, here is my review of the InstaDominate software. Unlike most “reviewers” out there who are scratching their heads to fake reviews without using the product, I have purchased the product and have personally used it. So here it goes.

Purpose and functions of the InstaDominate software

It’s sole purpose is to automate the your marketing work through Instagram. it utilizes the extremely popular photo sharing social network Instagram to generate targeted traffic (or un-targeted traffic if you want). It will do the following for you on autopilot once you set things up:

IMPORTANT NOTE: unfortunately Instadominate will no longer be sold to the public.

But here’s a much more powerful tool that does not only work on Instagram, but also Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest! Introducing Mass Planner:

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Don’t Be the Fool Not Using Instagram, Be the Fool Using It!

If you have been involved in online marketing for some time, or even if you just started out recently, you’re not likely to succeed without the help of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, and Instagram! The problem with the first 4 social networks is that they are being heavily marketed to by all levels of internet marketers (from gurus to spamming newbies). Users are getting cautious to promotions and ads. But, it is not so much so with Instagram, at least not yet.

Is Mobile Marketing the Next Big Thing and How Can You Get a Piece of the Pie?

Whether you have used mobile marketing in your online marketing adventure or not, you must have been seeing ads on your smart phone or tablet. Mobile is becoming a red hot marketing channel right now.

We all know that the the digital channel is continuing to grow. Advertising as a whole may not be growing tremendously but growth in the digital space is being fueled by a an increasing exodus from traditional advertising options that are no longer cutting it in the Internet age.

BIA/Kelsey has provided some data about the local space moving forward and it looks like mobile is the big winner. Take a look at the predicted growth of local mobile ad spend through 2016.

Now see how that compares to local spending as a whole….More at Look for Big Local Mobile Growth in Near Future

People are spending increasingly more money through their mobile devices. If you have ever purchased a song or a game on your iPhone, you are part of this increasing trend.

What Makes Quality Content After All?

It is now crystal clear to all online marketers that bad content (spun, keyword stuffed, unrelated…) will not rank by throwing a million links on it in a day or 2. And good content will rank even no links are being built. We all know what makes an article look bad to the search engines, but what makes it good? There seems no specific guidelines, but sure there’s something you need to remember.

First off, uniqueness is key. Don’t expect the big G to rank your posts or sites full of stuff copied else where. You are not CNN or Huffington Post, so forget about it. Do your work to write unique posts, or at least make them unique.

Top 4 Basic Guidelines to Make Money from Your Blogs

0007_zoriah_photojournalist_war_photographer-occupy-wall-street-protests_20111006_0162There are literally millions of guides on the web teaching you how to make money from blogging. Some make it so mysterious and complicated, some even costs you lots of money while trying to bring you to the wrong direction. Make money blogging is nothing mysterious and hard. Follow some basic guidelines or should we say principles, and the rest will come naturally.

1. Create quality content for target readers

Here we are actually talking about 2 elements, content and readers. These 2 are actually dependent on each other. Good content is only good for targetted readers, and only the content can be quality when it caters to a certain group of people.

Is Google Killing SEO?

Many online marketers are concerned about Google’s latest algo change that further de-values backlinking, especially spam link building. SEO is now increasingly more about “no SEO”.

Running a SEO service used to be easy in terms of following certain link-building guidelines (not mentioning the even easier on-page optimization), i.e. speed, consistency, and variety… But now it seems no longer so:

Many industries have taken hits across the board after algorithm updates have rolled out, but not a one has suffered as much as those in the SEO industry. Search engine optimization is the industry itself – so every time Google blackballs another practice or technique, another SEO company shuts the lights off….More at Will Google Obliterate SEO? | SiteProNews: Webmaster News …

If you want to build a sustainable online business for the long term, you cannot get away from Google. Google is in for the change, and so should we. So it’s utterly important for online marketers, especially SEO service providers to analyze this trend and be prepared for changes!

Post-Penguin Link Building, the Fun and Easy Way Part II

As promised, in today’s article I’m going to share some automatic or semi-automatic ways of link building after the Google penguin update. The good news is that the links you are going to build are high quality, in terms of non-reciprocal, contextual, niche-related, and are from non-spammy quality pages!

Automatic Backlinks is a free service where you can get lots of quality links from indexed pages all around the web. Well, I know I said it’s free, but you’ll need to give something back to get something. The system is credit based, which means in order to get links, you need to have credits, and you earn credits by giving links to others. The good thing about the credit system is that you never 2 sites link to each other. All the links you get will be 1 way links from a diverse range of location and IP address. Another great advantage of the service is that you have complete control over the links coming in and going out. So you won’t have links from unrelated pages, which causes Google to devalue your links. There are also other good news about this service, such as you only get links from pages that have PR, and it works not only on WordPress, but also other content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla.

Post-Penguin Link Building, the Fun and Easy Way Part I

If you have been an online marketer for some time, you know half the link building techniques pushed by the “gurus” does not work, and the other half costs you considerable amount of money! And even more sadly, some of these don’t work AND cost you lots of money and effort! That may not be 100% true, but it is a fact that the majority of Internet marketers, especially newbies, spend significant amount of time and energy building links, and it’s not fun at all! If you are one of them, you need to read this article carefully.

Say goodbye to old-school link building techniques

First advice, and this is very serious, if you are still a member of the blog networks out there, cancel your subscription right NOW, and ask for a refund if possible! Yes, they have generated thousands of backlinks for you on autopilot during your subscription period, but they are all coming from low quality, low PR, spammy, and junk blogs, and the links are never indexed by the search engines. Your site can be easily flagged as SPAM, especially after the Google Penguin update!

Why You should Love Penguin & How Google’s Latest Update Benefits Internet Marketers

Penguins are cute, and we all love them! It seems Google is no exception. Soon enough after Google’s Panda update, a new algorithm change named Penguin started. It’s like Google falls in love with black-and-white animals. What are they going to name the next update? My guess is Zebra.

The goal of the Penguin update is to decrease the indexation of low-quality, spammy kind of sites that have low-quality, spun, and unrelated content, and sites that manipulate rankings by massive spammy link building. Quality of search results is vital for Google, that’s their blood line. Even we Internet marketers have suffered from the low quality search results before the update. Talk about how many fake reviews and affiliate redirects you found when you were searching for genuine Internet marketing product reviews! So despite the chaos at the beginning, I’m a big fan of this update for 2 reasons.