Don’t Be the Fool Not Using Instagram, Be the Fool Using It!

If you have been involved in online marketing for some time, or even if you just started out recently, you’re not likely to succeed without the help of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, and Instagram! The problem with the first 4 social networks is that they are being heavily marketed to by all levels of internet marketers (from gurus to spamming newbies). Users are getting cautious to promotions and ads. But, it is not so much so with Instagram, at least not yet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: unfortunately Instadominate will no longer be sold to the public.

But here’s a much more powerful tool that does not only work on Instagram, but also Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest! Introducing Mass Planner:

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As the top mobile’s social networking platform, Instagram has grown to well over 100 million users. Millions of images are being uploaded and shared everyday. This is huge in a marketing perspective. Because images are getting more attention than ever before.

Photos received 50% more “likes” from viewers than text posts, and journalists who shared links with a thumbnail image got 65% more likes and 50% more comments than posts without photos. (These findings likely prompted Facebook to purchase Instagram for an impressive $1 billion.)…More at 4 Ways to Make Instagram Work for Your Small Business

Wondering how to monetize on this rapid growing social network? Glad you ask that question now, because any time later, you will lose out when it is flooded by your competitors. Now, see if the following points can help your head start spinning.

1. Niche selection

Most Instagram users are young at the age between 15 to 30, they like fashion, beauty, fitness, celebrities… This is easy target for CPA offers that only asks for email or phone number submits. See what’s hot on Instagram here, and find related offers to promote.

2. Getting followers

Like any other social networks, in order to generate traffic to your money sites, you first need to get a large following. Fortunately, most Instagram users are likely to follow you back when you follow them, like their pictures, or post comments. Getting followers is not the hardest thing to do on Instagram.

3. Generating traffic

Unlike other social networks, you have to watermark your pics to get traffic. Put your short and easy-to-remember links on your pics so that your followers will type the URLs into their browsers to get to your sites. You can also put your link in your bio to generate additional traffic.

4. Making your sites mobile friendly

Since a large amount of your followers are likely to view your pictures on their mobile phones, why not make your sites mobile friendly, or build a mobile version of your sites or landing pages? This is not hard to do.

Yes, I hear you. This is a lot of work. I totally agree with ya. So you may need a great tool like InstaDominate to do all these for you automatically:

IMPORTANT NOTE: unfortunately Instadominate will no longer be sold to the public.

But here’s a much simpler yet effective method to make money from Instagram! Check it out below.


Have a look at what this tool can do for you now. I’ll talk about it more and share my experience and results of using this tool in my next post. Stay tuned!

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