My InstaDominate Review with Real Results & A FAT Discount

Following my last post about traffic generation from Instagram, here is my review of the InstaDominate software. Unlike most “reviewers” out there who are scratching their heads to fake reviews without using the product, I have purchased the product and have personally used it. So here it goes.

Purpose and functions of the InstaDominate software

It’s sole purpose is to automate the your marketing work through Instagram. it utilizes the extremely popular photo sharing social network Instagram to generate targeted traffic (or un-targeted traffic if you want). It will do the following for you on autopilot once you set things up:

IMPORTANT NOTE: unfortunately Instadominate will no longer be sold to the public.

But here’s a much more powerful tool that does not only work on Instagram, but also Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest! Introducing Mass Planner:

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  • It scrape users by hash tag, users by popular pages, followers of accounts, following of accounts, photos by hash tag, popular photos, and more!
  • It searches pictures with your keywords and likes and comments en mass.
  • It follows and unfollows users of your choice.
  • It scrapes pictures from its source and uploads them to your account.
  • It easily embeds watermark on your pictures if you choose so.
  • It schedules the tasks to run on time frames you specify using accounts you assign.

Payment and download

The purchasing process was really smooth, and I was redirected to the download page instantly after payment made with PayPal. The downloaded package contains the software application, usage guide, database folder, read me file, affiliate info file, and a PDF guide on how to make money using the software called Insta Grams of Cash (which I love :)).


There is no installation needed. Just double click on the application inside the folder and it will start running. Realy light weight and no burden on your CPU. Update is automatic when there’s one available. Really convenient.


I have to say with a task so complicated, the interface of the software is clean and right to the point, as seen from the screenshot below. Some functions are assigned to the right-click of your mouse, which makes it easy on the eye. But you may feel lost if you are not used to this arrangement. Just remember to right click your mouse when you don’t see anything you need on the main screen. You should be no problem after reading the usage guide.

instadominate interface

My test results

OK, I immediately read the usage guide and the Insta Grams of Cash ebook and started playing with the software. Here’s what I did:

  1. I scraped a few thousand users under a popular term, followed them all in 2 minutes.
  2. I scraped a few hundred pictures under the same term and liked them all in 3 minutes.
  3. I scraped a few pictures from its source and uploaded them to my account in 1 minute.
  4. I haven’t done any commenting.

See what my account looks like 3 hours later:

instagram account screenshot

I’m not a girl, this is a test account, don’t laugh. I got over 600 followers and the number is still growing! I kept refresh my account page after the work is done and the number grows rapidly until it slows down after the 600 mark.

I also got a few comments from my brand new followers:

instagram follower comment

another comment

Isn’t this sweet? Imagine how much work you would have to do if you want to get a similar result doing it manually on your phone? Imagine how many followers you will generate if you use 100 accounts or even 1k accounts? Let’s do a simple math here, 600 followers per account will make it 60k in total with 100 accounts, and 600k with 1k accounts! This is some kind insane!

What would you do with the traffic? I’d suggest simple CPA offers like email or phone number submits! But you can also drive the traffic to any kind of affiliate offers or land pages you desire.


I was wondering if the software have multi-threading capablity because it is important if you use lots of accounts. I submitted a support ticket and received an answer 10 hours later. This acceptable since it was on weekend. They should respond a lot quicker on work days as this is stated on their support page. By the way, since you are wondering, here’s their response regarding my multi-threading question:

You can multi-thread by using the Scheduler and assigning proxies to your accounts.

Yes, you can run multiple instances of InstaDominate. Remember about the database though, to enable or disable it depending on your needs.

To have different accounts follow different users, I would do the following:

1) For niche 1, scrape the user_IDs of this niche.
2) Pick the 10 accounts to follow these users
3) Head to the scheduler and set up a Follow Task at 10am
4) Add Task
5) Repeat the above for niche 2, and have it start at 10:30am

The timing above is just an example. You’ll have to account for delays and such, so just tweak your strategy as you go.

Hope that helps!

About Instagram accounts

If you want to generate massive traffic in a short time, you need more than 1 account to do it. Fortunately you don’t need to create them manually. The guys from InstaDominate will create them for you for a very low fee of from $20 to $30 per 100 accounts. It will be lower if you order more in bulk. Read details here.


If there’s a star rating system, I would give it 5 blazing stars! It works as described smoothly and efforlessly. Results are amazing in my opinion. I will definitely use it to harness the power of Instagram and make some nice bucks once I figure out the niche and offer! Click on the banner below to get a copy of InstaDominate now.


Quick money tip!

If you run gigs on Fiverr, sell services to add Instagram followers. It should be easy to stand out from the crowded providers of fake bot followers. Say something like “I will give you 500 REAL human followers within your chosen niche on Instagram for $5”! It should be easy money and it only takes a few minutes to do. How does that sound?



about 6 years ago

it's pretty good result, thanks for the detailed review, cheers!



about 6 years ago

no problem, Don!



about 6 years ago

I also got over 700 followers for my test account in the first run, this is slick, time to monetize with it following the Insta Grams of Cash ebook, cheers mate!



about 6 years ago

No problem, I'm making progress with the monetization, I'll update my blog with my results later. stay tuned!



about 5 years ago

Hi, I'm searching for a App or Software, for managing followers and likes on Instagram, and found Instadominate. But i'm not finding it for download. What i need to do? can u help me? tks



about 5 years ago

Hi, unfortunately it's no longer for sale due to legal warnings. You can search a similar product from ninjagram. Cheers.


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