Looking for Instagram Software/Bot for PC to Get Free Followers Fast?

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IMPORTANT NOTE: unfortunately Instadominate will no longer be sold to the public. Here’s a great alternative make money on Instagram system using free tools.

If you want to get maximum results to market on Instagram, you know it’s a pain to do that on your smart phone. It’s just plainly painful and unrealistic. What you need is a powerful Instagram software or bot for PC, so that you can get some free followers fast. Fortunately Instagram has a web interface for users to manage their accounts and sharing activities called web.stagram.com, this is ideal for us marketers to unleash the power of software technology :) .

Like any other social network, your marketing success starts with getting loads of followers. Lots of Fiverr gigs are selling Instagram followers, but be cautious, they are mostly bot created dead accounts that won’t get you results. What you need is Instagram free followers who are live and active, real humans. Currently there are a few Instagram bots on the market, which all show you how to get free followers on Instagram.

Instagram is just getting hot for marketers, so the prices for these Instagram bots are not cheap, especially for starters. You need to keep the following criteria in mind when choosing an Instagram software. It will be your Instagram marketing best bud, and you don’t want it to break your heart!

The 4 golden rules that will never fail you when choosing an Instagram software

1. The first thing to consider is functionality. It should never be a simple Instagram follow bot or like bot, it must have a vast range of functions such as following, un-following, liking, posting comments, uploading pictures, and better yet, watermarking your pictures on the go!

2. Price. Remember you should never, I mean NEVER EVER pay monthly fees for such an Instagram marketing software. It should be just one off payment within your budget. Of course, it’s not the cheaper the better. Something for $7 or $17 won’t do the job, because the developers won’t have sufficient profit to keep it updated with new features and to adjust to Instagram changes.

3. The major difference between a software development best bud and a heart breaker is support! Make sure they have a professional support page where you can search for help and submit tickets. The average responding time should not exceed 48 hours. Anything longer than that will bury you in the mud of hopelessness. Believe me, I cannot stress this enough.

4. Quality Instagram software means constant updates! Instagram changes every day with new features and rules. Your Instagram bot should be updated regularly to keep up with the pace. You don’t want to see it stop working due to Instagram changes and the developer spends 3 months to update.

On a side note, DO NOT use cracked or warez Instagram software, they will infect your PC with virus, they will stop working with no notification, they will not keep up with changes, and it’s simply not a moral thing to do. Remember, what goes around comes around. Karma works its magic extremely faster online than offline. You want the good Karma keep flowing your way!

You guessed right! I’m now going to talk about my Instagram marketing best bud! If you are bored with my writing and anxious to get an answer. You can click on the banner below now.

(make sure you use coupon code KBWF to get $40 discount!)

I have wrote a thorough Inastadominate review and attached an Inastadominate discount code in my previous post here: Instadominate Review and Discount. There you will find my real results using Instadominate for the first run and a nice rebate of $40!

Instadominate is my Instagram marketing best bud because it sticks to the above 4 rules and works far beyond that!

Here’s why Instadominate is my Instagram marketing best bud

1. It scrapes thousands of targeted users by hash tag, names, user’s followers, user’s follows, and what’s popular in a minute and mass follows them in 1 click. Your Instagram account will get instant followers because Instagram users are very responsive and willing to return the favor.

2. It unfollows those are not following you back with a few clicks to make room for your followers, so you can get maximum results of 7500 followers. In some cases, the number goes beyond that and there’s not a single problem with Instagram.

3. It also gets you followers easily by liking and commenting on others’ pictures. If you want to market in the dog niche, scrape pictures of dogs and post likes and comments, the dog lovers will just thank you by following you back.

4. The next thing to do when you have gotten a nice following is uploading a few pics so that you are not being suspected as a dead bot. It’s extremely easy to do with Instadominate. Just enter your keyword and hit search, it will find lots of related pictures and upload them to your Instagram accounts without you downloading anything to your PC.

5. Wondering how to get traffic? Well, it’s super easy to do as well. You have 2 ways to do this. One is by posting comments with your link. The other is by uploading pictures with your watermark. Instadominate watermarks your pictures automatically in a easy and fun way, no work on your side at all, just pure fun. Of course you don’t wanna abuse these features because you don’t want your followers get annoyed. It’s the same with any social network marketing software, use it with care, treat it like your best bud, and there you have long-term success.

6. Well, if you have 7500 followers on 1 account. How many will you have on 100 accounts? You are smarter than me, so I’m not doing the math for you. Working on hundreds or even thousands of accounts with Instadominate is not complicated at all. It has built in scheduling and multi-threading functions, so just set it up and leave it there. It will do the job 24/7 without asking you for a cup of coffee!

7. Now is about what I think the best criteria for finding a winning Instagram marketing software, support. I shot them an email on the weekend that I purchased Instadominate, and I got a perfect answer in 10 hours. They respond much quicker on work days as they have promised on their support page. I’ve had some private chat with Alan (one of the owners) on a forum and it seems he’s there always if he’s not sleeping. And the guy is super friendly and helpful. So 5 stars to support!

My progress with Instadominate

If you have read my previous review, you see I got 643 followers for 1 account for minutes of work. Now the account’s followers have grown to 713 without me touching it.

I just purchased 500 accounts from Instadominate (yes they sell super quality accounts for super cheap) 2 days ago and my Instagram best bud is now working for me 24/7 to build my following on Instagram. Once it’s completed I’ll drive the traffic to CPA offers or affiliate products and I’m sure I’ll make some nice extra cash.

To sum it up, Instagram is booming with exponential speed. No matter you want to make some quick money or market your business or products for the long run, Instagram is the right social network to work with. And Instadominate IS the best Instagram software on the market! If you want to get Instagram followers for free and fast, look no where else, get it now and start build your army of following!

You can click on the banner below to order, and remember to use coupon code KBWF when check out and save $40! OK, I’m done talking, it’s your turn now to get some great results!


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