Is Google Killing SEO?

Many online marketers are concerned about Google’s latest algo change that further de-values backlinking, especially spam link building. SEO is now increasingly more about “no SEO”.

Running a SEO service used to be easy in terms of following certain link-building guidelines (not mentioning the even easier on-page optimization), i.e. speed, consistency, and variety… But now it seems no longer so:

Many industries have taken hits across the board after algorithm updates have rolled out, but not a one has suffered as much as those in the SEO industry. Search engine optimization is the industry itself – so every time Google blackballs another practice or technique, another SEO company shuts the lights off….More at Will Google Obliterate SEO? | SiteProNews: Webmaster News …

If you want to build a sustainable online business for the long term, you cannot get away from Google. Google is in for the change, and so should we. So it’s utterly important for online marketers, especially SEO service providers to analyze this trend and be prepared for changes!

If you are running a SEO service and you are following the “standard” protocol of link building, are you seeing negative results? Is it getting harder to climb the SERPs? Are you becoming a victim of the change with clients decreasing? Please share your experience by posting comments.

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