Make Money on TeeSpring: Can You Become a Millionaire Selling T-Shirts Online?

Teespring-Co-Founders-e1416327303574Teespring cofounders Evan Stites-Clayton and Walker Williams, right. (Credit: Teespring)

You may have heard of TeeSpring,  you may be aware that as an online marketer, you could actually make money on TeeSpring selling T-shirts, but do you know that people are actually making loads of money already, and some even became millionaires selling T-shirts (without the nitty-gritty of payment processing, manufacturing, and shipping)?

According to Forbes:

Teespring has sold 6 million shirts this year through its customers, hundreds of whom make more than $100,000 from their tee trade. At least ten, the company says, have become millionaires from the work. Teespring claims that one in 75 Americans owns a shirt  it’s helped sell in the last year.

Why is this new model of the Tshirt business so attractive and helped start-ups such as TeeSpring achieve such massive success in such a short time? Well, I remember a couple of years ago when I was studying in the UK, I bought a cheap T-shirt from eBay that says “I illegally download music online” on it. I was stopped on the street by a girl the first time I wear the tee, she asked me to say “hey, how ya doin'” to her, just the way Joey did in Friends. I did that and she laughed. But it was just that. I was a shy Asian boy (I still am). But still, it actually made my day.

T-shirts are an easy, effective, and fun way to express yourself, to speak your mind without saying it, and attract those who share the same mind-set or opinion with you. As one of TeeSpring’s investors Rabois put it:

T-shirts are incredibly self-expressive as a medium, they’re a way of communicating your identity.

There were lots of Tshirt companies before TeeSpring that have tried to exploit the online world, and most of them failed to last. But thanks to progressive achievement in Internet technology, it’s possible for TeeSpring to implement their innovative business model and enable the ordinary Joe to start a business online without upfront cost, work space, employees, or clients. All you need are ideas, passion, and a couple of hours to run it when you have time to spare.

Let’s have a look at what others have already achieved selling on TeeSpring:

t14158 of the Trust Me, I’m An Engineer shirts were sold.

t23061 of the Dat Guy Lirik shirt were sold.

t31567 of the cute enough to stop your heart hoodie were sold.

These are not the highest numbers, you can get more results here.

Selling on TeeSpring is a robust online business model not only for experienced online marketers, but also those who are not familiar with the traditional internet marketing methods and theories. It is easy and fun to start a campaign on TeeSpring, however, in order to make a nice profit, you still need to research the market, identify a trend, get a design done, start up the campaign, and attract targeted traffic.

Let’s talk about how to sell and make money on TeeSpring in my next article.


Here are some amazing T-shirt mock-up designs from GraphicRiver:

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