Mass Planner Review – Twitter Results Day 1

After watching the detailed tutorial videos, I decided to give Mass Planner a test run on Twitter. This article is not a rehashed-sales-pitch Mass Planner review that you see elsewhere. I actually signed up for the software and I post real-time results with screenshots. You can see how it works and decide for yourself if it’s worth your time and money.

So, for testing purpose, I created a brand new Twitter account with a newly registered email address. I followed 40 users according to Twitter’s suggestion, added avatar and banner images, filled in a short bio, and changed the background color, tweeted 3 pointless tweets, to get this new account going like a normal new user would do. This is what it looked like.

new twitter account-day1So, as you can see, this new account has gotten 3 tweets, 43 following, and 3 followers who are most likely bots (I can see this from their behavior).

Next, I fired up Mass Planner, looked around each options and decided my strategy. For a new account like this, I don’t want it to rush to follow hundreds of users and post hundreds of tweets in 2 hours. I want it to go slow, just like a human user would do. That’s how this is gonna go a long way.

So, this is how I set up my first Twitter test campaign on Mass Planner:


Follow between 1 to 10 targeted users every 2 to 4 hours between 10AM to 12PM, without exceeding a total number of 100 people to follow in a day.

Follow Back: Turned on.


Favorite between 1 to 7 tweets every 20 minutes to 5 hours between 10AM to 12PM.

Unfollow: not eligible at this moment.


Retweet 5 times a day between 10AM to 12PM. These tweets must be less than 120 hours old. The following screenshot shows how I configured the auto retweet function on Mass Planner.

retweet settings-day1The niche I chose to do this test on is the broad design niche (including web design, graphic design, and video production and animation). So I used related keywords to search for people to follow, and also hand picked a couple of leading users in this niche, and set Mass Planner to follow their followers. This is easy to do in Mass Planner, just copy and paste these user account URLs and that’s it.

massplanner follow sourcesIt took me about an hour to configure everything. I enjoyed the process and was confident that this will work well for a new Twitter account to get warmed up.

Now, after 24 hours, let’s have a look at the results!

This is the follow results displayed within Mass Planner:

follow-24hrsYou see it has followed 66 users in the broad design niche.

It has liked 98 tweets related with my niche, just like a normal human user would do:

likes-24hrsI haven’t set it to post anything on day 1 apart from 4 retweets, again, on closely related topics.

So this is how my new Twitter account looks like after 24 hours of using Mass Planner:

twitter-day2As you can see, it has followed 76 (119-43) people, favorited 97 tweets, posted 4 niche related retweets, and gotten 10 more followers. Remember that I purposefully set it to act like a new human user without being spammy and raise flags. Imagine how much time and effort it can save you when you manage multiple profiles across multiple social networks.

The new followers I got are targeted users in my niche:

targeted followersSo this is results from the first day of using Mass Planner. I spent 10 minutes creating the new Twitter account, and around an hour to configure Mass Planner, the rest was left for the software to do, without me lifting another finger. I believe it will take much less time to configure once I get used to all the settings. But again, it’s already darn easy and I really enjoyed the process!

I was satisfied with the results and could see great potential using it. I decid to speed up a little and set it to follow more people and post more tweets. I’ll share results in future posts.

Mass Planner could be the best tool in terms of social marketing automation. It’s light-weight, user friendly, powerful, non-spammy, and really cheap comparing with other tools on the market. It works with multiple profiles across multiple social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google+. I’m really confident with this tool and I will certainly continue to use it to boost my social reach!

So, if you are interested, click the below image and get Mass Planner now. They are running a promotion and you can get a 5 day free trial at the moment. And yes, I am proudly affiliated with Mass Planner!

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