New Backlink Strategy Getting Top Spots Easily

Recently several major internet marketing forums are talking about a new backlinking strategy that gets sites to rank at the top positions in Google. The strategy was originally shared on BlackhatWorld and attracted lots of buzz. The author of the thread claimed he has multiple first spot listings in Google in pretty competitive niches and he’s making over 500 Euros per day from Adsense. This strategy is claimed to be safe from any Google update because the links to your money site are high PR links, and in case anything happens, you can easily remove them. The best part about this strategy, in my opinion, is that it’s easy to implement and maintain, and has the potential to stick on the first spots for a very long time. Without further ado, let’s have a close look at the following diagram.

(click on it to enlarge)

Now you can see that the first links going to the money site are web2.0 social blog networks. Which means you have to create related blogs on these networks, submit unique content, and insert links with your anchor text (lots of LSI keywords as well) pointing to your money site. Then the next thing to do is blasting a whole lot of links to each network blog to gain PR to these blogs. These PR juice will then be transferred to your money site. When you have a couple of strong links going to your money site, then it’s safe to blast a few direct social links to your money site to give it more social power that Google wants. Someone may confuse this diagram as a typical link wheel. But it is not because the social blogs are not being interlinked.

Here’s some important things you need to remember while using this strategy:

  • Keyword research is always the most important factor in SEO, you may wanna target a bunch of keywords with large search volume,  acceptable competition, and monetization value.
  • Unique content and good on-page SEO is also important before you build any links to your money site.
  • Each web2.0 blog should have at least 5 unique and relevant articles to begin with, and at least 1 new article should be added each month.
  • Not all articles on the web2.0 blogs should have links to your money site, you should also have other out-going links to make it more natural.
  • You must use various anchor texts with only 20 to 30% as your target keywords.
  • When your site is climbing up, keep building these web2.o blogs and blast links to them until it reaches the 1st spot.
  • Keep building new group of links to your money site (at least 1 group a month) to keep your 1st position.
  • Manually build these web2.0 blogs and use Article Builder to generate relevant unique articles.
  • Use SEnuke Xcr and Scrapebox to blast links to these web2.0 blogs with ease.

Here’s the original thread that this is being discussed, feel free to check it out and don’t forget to give thanks to Linpapseo!

Currently I’m testing this backlink strategy with a newly built niche site. I’ll report back with my results later. If you are using similar strategy or have success with other strategies, feel free to share your tips by posting comments. Remember, sharing is caring! 🙂

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