Post-Penguin Link Building, the Fun and Easy Way Part I

If you have been an online marketer for some time, you know half the link building techniques pushed by the “gurus” does not work, and the other half costs you considerable amount of money! And even more sadly, some of these don’t work AND cost you lots of money and effort! That may not be 100% true, but it is a fact that the majority of Internet marketers, especially newbies, spend significant amount of time and energy building links, and it’s not fun at all! If you are one of them, you need to read this article carefully.

Say goodbye to old-school link building techniques

First advice, and this is very serious, if you are still a member of the blog networks out there, cancel your subscription right NOW, and ask for a refund if possible! Yes, they have generated thousands of backlinks for you on autopilot during your subscription period, but they are all coming from low quality, low PR, spammy, and junk blogs, and the links are never indexed by the search engines. Your site can be easily flagged as SPAM, especially after the Google Penguin update!

Secondly, if you don’t know how to use them wisely and nicely, stop posting millions of spam comments to blogs using Scrapebox and other similar tools! The effect is the same with the 1st one, your sites are going to be labeled as spam! The same goes to tools like SENuke! Don’t insert too many links in the articles you blast out, not 5, not3, not 2, but only 1 link per article! Don’t send out thousands of spun articles to social bookmarking sites, directories, article sites, and RSS sites and ping them all at once. That’s gonna hurt you big time!

Last but not least, don’t use the same anchor texts over and over again! “dog training guide”, “dog training course”, and “dog training ebook” are not different enough nowadays! Vary your anchor texts in a human-friendly way such as “dog training guide”, “how to train my dog”, “teaching my dog to behave”, and add texts like “click here”, “check this out”, or “read more here” to make it natural!

Building massive links to certain similar target keywords in a short time is extremely old-school now! You need to know how Google values links now and follow the rules if you are still relying your traffic on search engines!

Embrace the new era of link building – fun, easy, and inexpensive!

The links you should be building now are text links from niche related authority sites. Simple as that. These sites offer great value in terms of great content that are naturally attracting people to link to and share. These sites build its readership and create a relationship with their readers.

I had a Squidoo lense with a 2000 word original and informative article and nice pictures here and there about a energy-saving product. I mentioned it a couple of times on some related forums and blogs and never touched it again. One day, a green-energy authority site used my Squidoo lense as a resource and added a link to it. My lense shot up to the first page overnight and stayed there ever since! This is the power of authority link! Google loves authority sites and when a authority site links to you, that love goes to your site too! So how do we do this?

Get your articles to niche related authority link roundups!

Enter the following search string into our old friend Google:

[niche] + weekly monthly friday link roundup

With a little research you will find a couple of high PR blogs that do link roundups.

Here’s an image of a link roundup post (they call it favorite tweets) from a web design blog that I love:

If you search “internet marketing”, you will find this great blog that regularly do link roundups:

After gathering a list of quality blogs that do link roundups, you should add them to your feed reader, get involved in the conversation, comment on new posts (and don’t be shy to put your own link pointing to your valuable information), so that you get familiar with the authors, and they get familiar with you, too. The next thing to do to feature your link in the roundup, you should send them an email and ask them to feature your link. It’s very simple and easy. No need to be subtle, just say your request straight-forward. Remember, by contacting them and directing them to your quality post or article, you are actually doing them a favor and making their life easier! Don’t forget that you have already built a relationship before with the previous commenting, they won’t feel strange receiving your request!


  • Get a free tool called Better GReader to comment on your list of blogs in your Google Reader.
  • Follow your favorite blog authors on their Facebook and Twitter pages, get involved, and recommend your content.

Say hello again to the good old Blogroll!

Yes, I know what you are thinking about. Blogrolls are dead and no one is using it on their blogs. Well, that’s simply not true!

The good thing about blogrolls is that it appears on every page of a blog, and the number of links is limited, which means they are hand-picked by the blog owner and deemed high quality. Apart from quality links, they also get you direct traffic!

Here’s a great free tool called Blogroll List Builder that finds related blogs that has blogrolls for you. Gather a small list of niche blogs that has blogroll as seed blogs, paste the URLs to the above tool, and it will find a huge list of blogs that has blogroll, then copy and paste the results again to find even more URLs.

The next step is to contact these blog owners and ask them to add your link to their blogroll. Don’t worry, if your blog does offer value to their blog readers, they will add it!

Scoop It!

Content curation is hot right now. But have you thought of using it the other way round? People look for useful information to curate to quickly create their blog content, in order to use the content legally, they have to add a link to the resource! Do you want that to be your link?

To do that easily and fun, here’s a cool free site to sign up: Scoop It!

Sign up an account with them, search for a list of sites that are related to your niche. Take note of the green marker on the right, the digits are scores of sites. It’s like Google pagerank, the higher the scores, the higher the quality of the sites. Then use the Suggest Content button to send your link to those sites’ owners. If your content is good and relates to their blogs, they will happily use your content as a resource to curate from. Talking about easy quality links? This is one of the ways to do it!

OK, that’s enough for today, I’ll talk about more fun and easy authority link building in the next article. And some of them are actually automatic. Interested? Stay tuned!



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