Post-Penguin Link Building, the Fun and Easy Way Part II

As promised, in today’s article I’m going to share some automatic or semi-automatic ways of link building after the Google penguin update. The good news is that the links you are going to build are high quality, in terms of non-reciprocal, contextual, niche-related, and are from non-spammy quality pages!

Automatic Backlinks is a free service where you can get lots of quality links from indexed pages all around the web. Well, I know I said it’s free, but you’ll need to give something back to get something. The system is credit based, which means in order to get links, you need to have credits, and you earn credits by giving links to others. The good thing about the credit system is that you never 2 sites link to each other. All the links you get will be 1 way links from a diverse range of location and IP address. Another great advantage of the service is that you have complete control over the links coming in and going out. So you won’t have links from unrelated pages, which causes Google to devalue your links. There are also other good news about this service, such as you only get links from pages that have PR, and it works not only on WordPress, but also other content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla.

My suggestion is, if you don’t have sites that have PR, purchase small amount of credits and gain some PR for your sites, then you’ll be able to get more credits without additional cost. Remember, the higher your page’s PR is, the more credits you get. So this system has nearly all the beneficial qualities of a link building strategy after Google penguin update. If you wanna check them out, click on the image below.

How about 1,000 links for free now? If you go to 247backlinks now, you’ll see that they are giving away 1000 links for free to new sign ups. Of course they want you to finally purchase their link packages, forum backlinks but you don’t need to if you don’t want to. The 1k free links you are getting are not high quality of course, but you have the opportunity to choose the link types and the speed they are going to be built. For example you can set it to drip the 1k links on specific time intervals, such as every Monday or Wednesday. You can also add various anchor texts for your target URL. This way your risk of being marked as spamming is indeed minimal. I know it’s not the best tool out there but it’s totally worth it to spend 5 minutes and get 1000 links drip-fed for free and automatically!

Now the following service I’m going to discuss really kicks ass. Here’s why: the links you’ll get are from high quality pages, the links are 1 way, and they are in-text links. Sign up at Linknami and don’t buy links. In stead, head to the Free Tools section and add your site, after which, look carefully for the CL Profile | Code Wizard area, click on Code Wizard and download the WordPress plugin, install and activate it. The plugin will find keywords that other site owners have requested for links, it’ll then publish these links with the keywords as anchor texts upon your approval. The next step is to click on CL Profile, add your site URL and keywords, the system will then find the keywords on others’ sites and publish your links. forum backlinks Then what you need to do is checking out your account and see what opportunities the plugin has found you, then if you are happy with the pages, just approve and your links will be posted to others’ sites with the anchor texts you have specified. Again, the links you are getting are high quality, contextual, and from related authority sites. Click on the image on the right to check them out!

OK, that’s it for today. Hope you like the services that I shared in the article. Remember, the links you build from these services are of high-quality, which means they are 1 way, related, and are from quality pages. Most importantly, they are automatic or semi-automatic and free. Check them out now and see if they fit your needs! I’ll share more similar quality services in my future posts, stay tuned!

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