Social Marketing Automation – 7 Reasons Why You Should Do It Now


Tired of updating your social networks and don’t know what to post? It may be time for you to start automate your social marketing endeavors. Don’t get me wrong, I know social media is all about interacting with your followers. But automation does not mean cutting down your relationship with them. An effective editorial calendar is important for all content marketers, including social marketers. It helps you plan ahead your social network content posting without sacrificing interactivity. Now let’s discuss some of the top 7 beneficial points of social marketing automation.

#1 Improving Posting Consistency

Consistency is extremely important for social media marketing. You may lose followers if you flood them with updates one day and then totally disappear on the next day. Automating your posting and choosing the right times to share your content can improve reader engagement because you give them predictability. They will expect your updates at those times and once they get them, they are satisfied and expect for more. Posting consistency increases the chances your posts get seen by your followers.

#2 Extending Audience Reach

With powerful research tools such as Facebook Insights, you can know when your audience are online. Then you can schedule your posts according to these time frames, even when your followers are on the other side of the world, and you are asleep while they are online. You can also schedule your sharing activity on weekend and vacation. This way your content gets read by the maximum number of your audience.

#3 Avoiding Mistakes and Errors

Preparing your content ahead gives you the opportunity to study your ideas, go through your strategy, and check errors and mistakes. This rarely happens since content being shared on social networks are usually short, but it’s always good to avoid embarrassment, especially when you are trying to build a professional image.

#4 Systematizing Sharing Activity

With the help of automation, you can spread out your updates throughout the day, even when you are away. Once everything is systematized, you can get away with your life and concentrate your working hours on interacting with your followers and bring them down to your marketing funnels and make sales.

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#5 Controlling Content

You can also plan what kind of content to post on certain hours. A link, an image, a casual chattering, or a purposeful sales copy, it’s all up to you. Make a balanced strategy with various types of content according to your audience and business goals, and then you can guide your followers to the right place at the right time.

#6 Testing Your Strategy

With automation, you can easily track your campaigns and adjust accordingly. Change the content types and time frames to post and see what works best for you. Even if you have already planned ahead, you can still change your settings with ease. It is always important to track your audience’s response in social marketing, and testing is what helps you just that.

#7 Increasing Productivity

Imagine this: spend a couple of hours to schedule a whole week’s posts, and you can use the extra time on other important tasks. By scheduling your social activities literally gives you more time in a day. You can even schedule the same posts to be posted on different days and times, so that your followers who have missed your first post could get a chance to see it. Using an all-in-one scheduling software like Mass Planner, you can post the same content on all your social accounts across all major social networks. With the Group Finder and Joiner modules of Mass Planner, you can find the most relevant groups, join them, post helpful content… all done automatically.

Social media marketing is essential to all marketers. With the help of automation, you can create a balanced social marketing strategy, boost your productivity, improve your reach, increase followers, and finally make more sales. The key is to use the right tools!

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