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My InstaDominate Review with Real Results & A FAT Discount

Following my last post about traffic generation from Instagram, here is my review of the InstaDominate software. Unlike most “reviewers” out there who are scratching their heads to fake reviews without using the product, I have purchased the product and have personally used it. So here it goes.

Purpose and functions of the InstaDominate software

It’s sole purpose is to automate the your marketing work through Instagram. it utilizes the extremely popular photo sharing social network Instagram to generate targeted traffic (or un-targeted traffic if you want). It will do the following for you on autopilot once you set things up:

IMPORTANT NOTE: unfortunately Instadominate will no longer be sold to the public.

But here’s a much more powerful tool that does not only work on Instagram, but also Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest! Introducing Mass Planner:

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