This page is to list all the online marketing tools that I personally use on a regular basis. These are apparently not all that I have used (I’ve tested a great deal during these years), but the ones that I find very useful and essential for my online business. They are broken into categories for your convenience. If you find any that could be useful for you, too, feel free to get it and rest assured that you won’t regret it, since I have got great results using them.

Now here the list goes:



I use Hawk Host for all my sites. I’ve never experienced any downtime whatsoever. It loads faster than any other hosting I’ve used before. Setup is quick and support is fast as well. Here’s some main features of the shared-hosting plan I use:

  • 6000MB of storage space;
  • 90GB of Transfer;
  • Unlimited add-on domains and sub-domains;
  • Unlimited databases;
  • Cpanel with Fantastico.

I favor Fantastico over Installatron for script installation because it has less steps and right to the point. Hawk Host is among the few hosting providers who still use Fantastico. Actually Fantastico does the job perfectly, I don’t really understand why other hostings move to Installatron which is far more complicated.

The monthly price for the standard hosting I use is $5.95.  You get discount when paying quarterly or annually. You can see details here.



Content Creation


I’m a huge fan of Jon Leger because of his revolutionary products. Article Builder is no exception. It builds quality articles on your chosen niche in seconds! You can choose to spin your article as well. You can use it to generate 1 single unique article for you to post on your blog, or, you can let it generate a super-spun article that you can use with your mass-submission tools such as SENuke. Better yet, you can add your blog to the system and set it to auto-post unique articles to your blog according to your schedule.

With the advance options you can have:

  • the little nice tips inside your articles, so that they are more unique and useful to your visitors;
  • your chosen keywords hyper-linked to Click Bank products, so you can make sales without editing the links yourself.

I use Article Builder to auto-post to my niche blogs with these advanced functions, and I also use the super spun articles to get links to my sites. The price is currently $297 a year, and it’s worth every penny! Know more about it here.

article builder


Curation is hot right now and Page One Curator has become my favorite blog curation tool. Here’s the creator Paul Clifford’s explanation of blog curation:

Problem: Getting rankings and traffic is the challenge of any one trying to sell online.  Almost all SEO relies on spammy techniques and strategies to get links and rankings.  Given the recent spate of Google de-indexing / Panda 3.2 / Penguin – there is huge pent up demand for for a new solution that is white hat and designed to last for the long term.

Solution: Instead of gaming Google – this plays by its own rules to get huge rankings for competitive words.  This method and software enables you to curate multiple blogs remotely and create whole empire of cash and traffic generating websites for passive income or to sell to investors.

Market: Curation is exploding as a technique to create authority sites for bloggers, SEO experts, niche and authority site builders and in fact anyone making money online.

Some of my posts on this blog was created using Page One Curator. The process is easy, time-saving, and most importantly, fun. It retrieves content snippets related to your keyword from RSS feeds which you can directly quote into your blog post. You can choose primary and secondary sources. It uses the primary sources as your quote content and puts the nice “more reading” links to your secondary sources, which boost your authority easily.

I use Page One Curator to create curated blog posts and also use it to get ideas for my articles. Sometimes I just write my whole content with it because it has got lots of great features that the default WordPress post editor doesn’t have. The single user license is only $47, and the developer license is $97. You can read more about it here: Page One Curator.

page one curator


This is again, a revolutionary product from Jon Leger. It is actually the first of its kind on the market, and it’s still the best spinner of all. It revolutionized spinning by incorporating a database system that powered by its users. Users add their own best synonyms to the cloud database and when time goes by, the database gets gigantic and you can create super quality spun articles extremely easily. The product has been on the market for over 2 years and it’s mature and developed. The Best Spinner is backed up by thousands if not tens of thousands of online marketers. It’s my favorite content spinning tool and it will be so for a long time ’cause I don’t see why not. The price is $77 per year, which I say is a super bargain. You can test it for 7 days for only $7, too. If you are an experienced marketer, I assume you already have it. But for any reason if you don’t, you can check it out now here: The Best Spinner.

the best spinner