Top 4 Basic Guidelines to Make Money from Your Blogs

0007_zoriah_photojournalist_war_photographer-occupy-wall-street-protests_20111006_0162There are literally millions of guides on the web teaching you how to make money from blogging. Some make it so mysterious and complicated, some even costs you lots of money while trying to bring you to the wrong direction. Make money blogging is nothing mysterious and hard. Follow some basic guidelines or should we say principles, and the rest will come naturally.

1. Create quality content for target readers

Here we are actually talking about 2 elements, content and readers. These 2 are actually dependent on each other. Good content is only good for targetted readers, and only the content can be quality when it caters to a certain group of people.

Some marketers, especially starters are too easy to be scared away by the word “quality content”. It is indeed not hard to create at all! Quality does not mean professional writing skills and insider secret information (don’t fall for that hype), it simply means unique content on a specific topic that provides some useful information. Now it sounds lots easier, right? The content could be articles, images, videos, or ideally a combination of all. You must know something or have passion for the blogs you create, so just let your thought flow on the theme of your blogs, and naturally express yourself. Also it’ll be even better if you do a little research on the trend, find what people are talking about, and what solutions they are looking for their problems.

There are lots of blogs filled with daily jibber jabbers, but for us online marketers, it’s utterly important to focus on the themes of your blogs. You certainly don’t want to write about your fat-burning experience on your internet marketing blog, unless you co-relate the 2 in a sensible way. Write for your target audience, feel their concerns, solve problems, or even just share simple information, and they will always come back for more.

2. Grow your blog with regular updates

Your blog is like your baby, you need to feed it with content on a regular basis so that it could grow up. Some marketers make this mistake not to update any more or as often as before when their blog reaches a certain point. Remember, your readers are easily get turned down when they open your blog and find the same old post on the top that you posted a month ago. You should create new content at least 2 or 3 times a week. People will get used to your rhythm and will become more engaged when their expectations are fulfilled.

Technically speaking that regularly updated blogs attract more search engine love. New content always bring more search engine spiders to crawl your blog. They check what you have written about and put your content in the appropriate places in their database. If you have submitted your blog to Google’s Webmaster Center, then you will see what phrases or words are being deemed as your posts’ keywords that bring traffic. You will also see what other keywords you can target or write posts about to bring even more readers.

3. Build a community around your blog

It is much easier for you when your readers are forming a community around your blog. They will engage in discussions and providing you fresh content by posting comments. They could also provide suggestions for new topics or improvements on your blog.

Once you get regular repeat visits, remember to engage them with fresh updates and conversations in the comments. You can’t afford to always attract fresh readers, engaging old readers is more important. The deeper the relationship between you and your readers, the easier to build trust and your brand. If you have affiliate offers or your own products to promote, engaged readers are always willing to listen to you and turn into a customer. This is all because of the trust relationship that you build between them. For online marketers who want to make money from blogging, losing your readers to competitors is definitely the last thing you wanna do. 🙂

4. Monetizing your blog the right way

A great number of marketers are too eager to fill their blog with ads. Make a search on google and it’s not hard to find blogs dazzling with flashy ads on the sidebar, messy in-text links, annoying pop-ups… Want to lose your readers? This is the best way to do it.

People hate to be sold to. It’s like being followed by shop attendants and asked what you want to buy from the first moment you enter the shop. It’s impolite and scares customers away. People know the internet, they can smile hard-selling a mile away. So don’t make the mistake of scaring your visitors away with too much ads!

Instead, make your ads nice and neat. Try to let them fit with your design, make it easier on the readers’ eyes. Don’t monetize your blog when you just starting out. There’s no need to rush. It will be easy to make money from your blog once you have built a good following.

To conclude, make money blogging is not that hard when you look at it from the right perspective. This world runs on karma. The internet world is even more about that. In order to receive, you first need to give. You will be rewarded big time if you provide value to others and to this vast internet cosmos as a whole!

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