What Makes Quality Content After All?

It is now crystal clear to all online marketers that bad content (spun, keyword stuffed, unrelated…) will not rank by throwing a million links on it in a day or 2. And good content will rank even no links are being built. We all know what makes an article look bad to the search engines, but what makes it good? There seems no specific guidelines, but sure there’s something you need to remember.

First off, uniqueness is key. Don’t expect the big G to rank your posts or sites full of stuff copied else where. You are not CNN or Huffington Post, so forget about it. Do your work to write unique posts, or at least make them unique.

Second, make it relevant to your site’s theme. This one seems easy to follow, but you are very likely to drift away when your site’s focus is too broad. Relevancy is an important factor that the search engines determines your site’s importance (i.e. position) in the search results regarding a specific topic, or a set of topics.

Thirdly, provide useful information to your readers, so that when the search engines detect user interactions (comments) and social signals (sharing) on your posts, they are very happy to rank it higher.

Fourthly, word count. There’s no definitive number of words your should have in a post. It’s not a school dissertation. The key is to make your points clear. It’s fine if you can achieve that in less than 200 words. However, in my opinion, it should not be too short, or too long. A post with 300 to 800 words benefit your site traffic wise because it has enough room for your post’s main keywords and LSI keywords, which are now more important than before. But don’t force yourself to make it longer when you can do a better job in a short one. People loves twittering and there’s a reason for that.

Lastly, your personal tone. Apart from knowledge and information, what makes a post even more valuable is the sense of joy and love it spreads through your personal tone or vibe. This, in my opinion, is the most difficult part of all. Because it’s easy for readers to detect or feel if you are writing it with your true heart to provide useful information, or just throwing a bunch of related information together like a robot. The difference of the outcome could be huge in terms of user loyalty, which ultimately results in the amount of returns (of both number of visitors and customers). Being different is important, and being you is the best way to do it.

In creative writing, you’re told to use odd descriptions and phrases that stand out. Clichés have their place, but you don’t want to build your portfolio on those alone. Unfortunately, most articles on the internet are an amalgamation of clichés and tropes. Set yourself apart by going against current thinking and presenting new ways to look at things

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It takes practice and of course great will power to create quality content consistently. But I’m sure that once we get comfortable with it, it will be the most enjoyable part of our online adventures. We could be addicted to writing great posts, and we will be rewarded big time when our readers are addicted to what we write. Tell me what you think about this by commenting below. 🙂

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