Why You should Love Penguin & How Google’s Latest Update Benefits Internet Marketers

Penguins are cute, and we all love them! It seems Google is no exception. Soon enough after Google’s Panda update, a new algorithm change named Penguin started. It’s like Google falls in love with black-and-white animals. What are they going to name the next update? My guess is Zebra.

The goal of the Penguin update is to decrease the indexation of low-quality, spammy kind of sites that have low-quality, spun, and unrelated content, and sites that manipulate rankings by massive spammy link building. Quality of search results is vital for Google, that’s their blood line. Even we Internet marketers have suffered from the low quality search results before the update. Talk about how many fake reviews and affiliate redirects you found when you were searching for genuine Internet marketing product reviews! So despite the chaos at the beginning, I’m a big fan of this update for 2 reasons.

1. Less competition for quality white hat sites.

The quantity and quality of incoming backlinks used to be the most important factor in SEO. Because it is always easier to aim for quantity than quality in terms of link building, it became extremely common for online marketers to build massive amount of links to brand new sites and pages. Newbies were doing this, and the gurus were also doing this.

With the help of automation tools, the whole Internet marketing world seemed at a link-building war. We focus less and less on the quality of content! New and low quality sites can easily climb to the top positions of search results (sometimes with the help of exact match domains). These types of sites are often filled with copied or spun content that provides little value to readers. Their sole purpose is to shift your attention to the ads and affiliate links, so that they can make some easy money. I’m not saying that these should be condemned because they were playing under the rules, and it’s not wrong to utilize the weak points of the rules to make money. But this was super duper short-sighted.

With the de-indexation of these type of sites, white hat online marketers can finally have a relief from the furious link-building warfare, and focus on creating quality content. Think about this, one can only provide value to the web by providing good, related, and informative information, not links! Online marketers should focus more on the research of niches and audience, and creation of quality content, not trying to become a SENuke and Scrapebox technician (though these are great tools if used wisely)!

The fun is in the creation, interaction, and satisfaction of being provide value to others and make money at the same time! What fun did you have watching robots submitting millions of links to other people’s web property? What fun did you have when you see millions of spam comments appear on your own blog overnight? What goes around comes around. Google is putting a stop on this vicious circle, and we should also bring some positive karma by working on quality!

2. Link-building is easy and fun again.

Well, I didn’t say link-building is wrong. Actually I enjoyed building links quite some time before. I used to read my favorite Internet marketing blogs, learn from their experience, interact with the author and readers, and leave a few comments here and there with my links embedded. It worked and it was easy and fun to do, until the whole back-linking war started. Build links to your money sites, build links to your links, and build links to your links to your links… We became slave of links!

Thanks to Google is finally doing something to correct this. After everything settles down after the Penguin update. The importance of in-coming links will be more about quality. Links that are relevant, from diverse sources, and most importantly, natural. Don’t freak out by thinking that you are going to labor, it’s actually quite the opposite. Think about the fact that you no-longer need thousands of links to a page or site in order to rank it. All you need is less number of relevant links from various sources that are built in a natural speed (of course you still need good keyword research and relevant content). And you can still do this using automated tools!

That’s what I’m going to talk about in my next article: link-building in a easy and fun way after the Penguin update.

Please share your opinion of the Google Penguin update by leaving a comment. Talk soon. 🙂


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